Thursday, 25 April 2013

"Ideas are overrated"

So said the brooding badlander Mr Nick Cave in a recent interview. I reckon he’s had a few so I listened up. He qualified it with this: It is the hard work behind ideas to make them happen that is important or something like that.
And I agree.

Ideas are never a problem for me. They come thick and fast, usually around 3am when my brain is awash with anxiety reliving the preceding day’s events and expected outcomes of the next 24 hours. Storylines, business ventures, problem solving techniques all filter through the insomnia. But by the cold light of day those nuggets of genius pale in comparison to the deeds of the real movers and shakers of this world. Because it’s not the thinkers, dreamers or list makers (a group to which sadly I am a card carrying member) that win my admiration but the doers - the activists and volunteers, the entrepreneurs, scientists and community workers.

And so this post is dedicated to the Live Below the Line challenge participants (including my socially conscious teenager). A great idea that not only raises much needed funds for the poverty stricken but teaches a valuable life lesson in empathy.

If you would like to sponsor said socially conscious teen please click here.

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