Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Old school ties

At the end of September my first born will walk out her school gates for the last time (until a brief stint in the HSC exam rooms come Oct/Nov.) Sniff...pass the tissues please...

Remember leaving school and those mixed feelings of sadness, uncertainty, exhilaration and new found freedom?

Some kids can’t wait to get out into the big wide world and embrace adulthood, others would like to remain cocooned in the familiar routines and privileges of classrooms and adolescence.

It’s a long time ago now for me but I think I sat on the fence – loved not having to get up early, do homework and wear a uniform but hated the lack of opportunity a poor HSC result and geographical isolation dished out in spades.

But being a glass half full sort of gal I got myself out of those doldrums and have survived to this very day proving that school exam scores and report cards certainly don’t define you.

Although I think dear old Miss Timmins had a fair go at it in class 4.

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