Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The kids are alright

There’s been a lot of bad press about teenagers and young adults of late, and I would like to rebut the argument that these ne’er-do-wells the media like to brand ‘Gen Y bother’ are a bunch of boozy, parent-bludging narcissists.

If my daughter’s peers are anything to go by our nation is in safe hands. These kids are politically aware, philosophically enlightened, caring, tolerant, intellectual and creative.

HSC results come out today. But do they really count in the big life picture?

No matter the score these kids will travel, have careers, invent things, slack off, fall in and out of love, solve problems, plant seeds, fuck up, make art and eventually become parents themselves just like, and probably more spectacularly, than any generation before them.

The worst thing about your kids growing up is not the parties, the obsessive attachment to technology, the lack of respect for authority or tradition; it is the realization that you need them more than they need you. 

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